Discover the best things to do in Osato town!!/宮城県大郷町の魅力発掘!!

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Do you know Osato town?
Osato town is located at Miyagi Prefecture, 40 minutes’ drive from Sendai and 20 minutes’ drive from Matsushima, a famous sightseeing spot. You can get there soon by a taxi or rental car!

HOTEL “Pastoral Enishi-no-Sato”/五感で楽しむ郷の宿「パストラル縁の郷」


This is the one and only accommodation in Osato town, located at serene hill.
You can enjoy the beautiful sunset and starry sky all to yourself. Also, you can leisurely explore Osato town by renting bicycles.

"Restaurant L'Atelier"/レストラン ラトリエ

「レストラン ラトリエ」はパストラル縁の郷に併設しており、大郷産の新鮮な野菜をふんだんに使用した料理を提供。地元でも人気のフレンチシェフが作る料理がとても人気で、連日多くのお客様が訪れます。

Next to “Pastoral Enishi-no-Sato”, there is "Restaurant L'Atelier" which serves delicious meals. Local fresh vegetables are used in the dishes and is prepared by popular local chefs, attracting many customers every day.
折腹正弘シェフ 山田和幸シェフ/Chefs Mr. Orihara and Mr. Yamada

Vegetable harvest experience/収穫体験


Harvesting vegetables grown by the staffs is very popular at this farm. It is easy to harvest the vegetables, so you can spend an enjoyable time with your friends and family.
収穫体験/Vegetable harvest experience

Enishi Horse Park/えにしホースパーク


You can have a horse riding experience here. The staff will be pulling the horse for you, so even beginners can enjoy this experience.
乗馬体験/Horse riding experience
インストラクター/Instructor Mrs. Yosida

Visit “Osato town”/大郷町の魅力を知る


Osato town still have many hidden charms that are not found in famous tourist destinations.
If you are lucky, you will be able to see swans in Osato town during the winter season.
Why not visit Osato town? Osato town is your next travel destination!!!!
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